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Designer Bazaar Decor - بازار للتصميم الداخلي و الديكور
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مصمم ديكور


Designer Bazaar Decor

Choosing the personality of the decorator is one of the most important tasks that must be done when thinking about the work of decorative design, and this is due to the importance of the role of the decorator and its ability to implement your perceptions of the design on the ground in the desired form. The decorator must understand your thoughts and taste and suit your personality of designs Different, and also gives you comfort during the execution of the design. Thus decorator decorator Bazaar reveals through the following questions some of the features of his personality, which may differ from many of the design objects, and help you in the acquaintance of the advantages and services that will provide you.


تصميم ديكور
Decor Designer
  • Who is the designer of the Bazaar company?
Is one of the hundreds of designers  who have come to the function of the decorator 
based on a distinguished degree in the field of specialization and has the practical
 experience that enables him in professional design and creative solutions to every
 problem of design .


  • What does Designer Decor offer?
Decorator Bazaar offers a unique style of cooperation that creates a harmonious
 relationship with the customer that produces comfort in dealing. Since the first
 visit to our headquarters, you will be surprised by the cooperation provided by the
 engineers of the company due to the information, consultations and advice provided
 by them in all related to the decoration of furniture, lighting, Alafayash and 
determine the style and style of the decoration that suits your taste, all this can
 discuss our designs without any fees or fees or even contract.


 مصمم ديكور بالخبر
Designer Decorations
  • ?Is it possible to request a visit to a home from an interior designer
  • Please be sure to visit and consult our designers for your location inside Dammam and Khobar, which needs a design. Bazar Decorator will make a report to work verbally or in writing with all the problems that need to be solved in the decoration.


  • How to determine the expected cost of my home?
  • The designer can define a preliminary calculation of the expected cost of the design by looking at the drawings and calculating the actual spaces that need full design. The sub-areas do not fall into the calculation of the price of the design such as the built kitchen, warehouses, labor, etc. The methods of calculating the price of the design depends on the original area Which the client wants its design and not the whole house space.

?What is the difference between a decorator and a bazaar and another designer

There is a creative designer in many design companies and certainly there are always good designers everywhere but designer Bazaar is not just a creative decorator expresses a single but an institution consisting of an integrated team thinking about all elements of design colors and lighting and materials and the selection of brushes there is a specialty For each individual within the team, so we guarantee the client to get a design is distinguished and well studied and references from more than one engineer in more than one specialty.

  • What services do your engineers do?
Services in interior design.

Design of villas and buildings facades.

Design of home and recreational gardens.

Engineering supervision service for decoration works.

Execution of decoration works.

All these questions show that Decor Bazaar designer is not just an individual who has a scientific certificate and has some experience. It is an integrated team that expresses a reliable institution that works to provide distinguished services in a professional and creative manner and has a special design program for each client .

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